...It’s funny to think back now on how intimidating that song used to be to me to present in public, how dangerous it felt. Because, now, it’s so normal.
That song is a little triumph every time I pull it out. People love that song.
But I never would have, in a million years, imagined that something I’d hidden away so shamefully or felt such a shameful pang about would become something that people could relate to.
But that’s often true in music. Something that’s a hot spot can end up being something that has a universal appeal.

For one thing, anything that affords a person “outsider status” in society affords them, also, more perspective on that society because the farther you stand from the center, the clearer the view.
You see more of the forest for the trees. On one hand, I think outsiders always have an interesting point of view. That’s separate from the trans issue, altogether.